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Dongle Change for all InfinaDyne Products

June 14, 2022

Beginning in 2022 InfinaDyne will be changing over to a new licensing scheme which no longer uses Wibu hardware dongles. While the Wibu dongles have been with us since 2004 and have served us well, we are moving to a different scheme which fits both our needs and our customer needs better.

The new licensing scheme will utilize USB devices still but they have storage space on them to contain program files as well as licensing information. This will open a number of doors for increased licensing flexibility for us and let our customers save money and use our products in a more flexible manner. Instead of shipping a CD containing the installation materials, we will be shipping only a USB device which contains both the license and the product(s).

The new USB device will function just like the Wibu dongles have for many years. It will need to be plugged into the computer where the software is being used. Network authorization, where a dongle can be shared across a network is a future objective at this point.

Current Customer Impact

If you currently are using an InfinaDyne product with a Wibu dongle, the version you have will continue to function. With the next update – which may be a minor version level – you may need to purchase a new dongle device for a modest charge and have it shipped to you. The initial cost of a new dongle will be $10 for existing customers, plus shipping.

The Future

The expectation is that we will be able to offer some different licensing terms:

  • Single computer, small number of computers, and unlimited.
  • Expiring licenses that are significantly less costly than current unlimited term licenses.
  • Customized licensing for specific purposes, especially short-term use.

More information about this will be coming in the future.

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