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Paul CrowleyThis blog is from Paul Crowley and is going to be addressing topics in software and hardware related to optical media, specifically dealing with data recovery and computer forensics. Not what you were looking for? Well, I’d give you a link to Aleister Crowley if I thought it would help, but it probably won’t.

I’m the founder and owner of CD-ROM Productions LLC (dba InfinaDyne) which is a company whose products are mostly devoted to optical media. We do have a couple of other products which I might mention from time to time, but this isn’t primarily about marketing products but providing information to people.

I started with computers in 1970 as a freshman in high school. We had access to the school’s IBM 1401 computer which was somewhat out of date even at that time. All interaction with the computer was through punched cards and believe me, folks interested in programming at that time got real familiar with a keypunch machine. Sort of like a very, very unforgiving electric typewriter with no hope of ever having a backspace key. No white-out either.

After a long succession of IBM mainframe hardware I got involved in some different platforms. I worked with CP/M S100 systems doing game development and ended up doing some PC development with computers connected to IBM mainframes. Eventually, I ended up back doing PC game development on Windows for Windows and Sony PlayStation. A bunch of this was concerned with reading stuff from CDs as quickly as possible.

For I while I was working on embedded systems for in-vehicle navigation and managing the reading of massive amounts of data for displaying maps in a car. Again, there was the issue of dealing with reading from CDs and DVDs.

From this I decided to get into making CDs as a side job while I was working full time. I ended up writing a program I started distributing as shareware for analyzing CDs that people had written. It didn’t take very long before this turned into a data recovery product named CD-R Diagnostic. This was back in 1997 and still today if you search for “cd-r diagnostic” on Google you will find some amazing hits.

It was long until various people (like the FBI) started asking for more features and functionality in CD-R Diagnostic and the result was CD-R Inspector which came out originally in 1999. I moved to working full-time on InfinaDyne products in 2001 and from there, there has been a steady growth.

Today InfinaDyne is based in Chandler, AZ.

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