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CD and DVD Forensics, the Book

January 12, 2015

Today at the office we got an inquiry about obtaining an “electronic” copy of the book CD and DVD Forensics.  I know that at one point Syngress was offering a PDF version of the book but I was unclear if Elsevier had continued sale of the book in that form or where it might be able to be obtained from.

Wow, was I ever surprised.  Doing a search for “CD and DVD Forensics” pdf netted 3450 results and nearly all of them are front-ends for a couple of different shady sites.  Very, very shady I might say.  They want you to register and provide a credit card to supposedly verify your address.  Since they don’t appear to be asking for an address to do AVS with, I don’t know how they are verifying anything because you do not “get” the address of the cardholder back from processing a charge – all you can do is confirm the address you have is OK.

No, I am not going to provide any credit card information in the interest of finding out if you do actually end up with a copy of the book or not.  I did find other less shady sites, some with dead links that I am sure Elsevier has stamped out.  Also a BitTorrent site link so I suspect Pirate Bay has the book for download.  But it is the “free book if you register” site that I find most interesting.

Understand that this is an eight year old book that sold around 2500 copies.  Pretty good for an obscure technical book on a fairly technical subject.  But it seems hardly worth pirating.  It just isn’t that interesting for the masses.  This would tend to indicate that every single more popular book is almost certainly available somehow.

It also would tend to indicate that the “free book if you register” (with a credit card!!!) stuff is probably bogus.  They probably have a listing of every single book on Amazon that they scraped off the Amazon site and when you finally navigate your way through the registration you find the book really isn’t available after all.  But they have your information, which is what the point of this is.

Oh, you can also purchase a PDF of the book directly from Elsevier for only a little more than Amazon charges for the hardcopy.  The Kindle version is $29.99.  And no, I have nothing to do with these prices.

2nd Edition

Many people have asked about this and I have decided that 2015 is the year for its release.  It will be a complete rewrite so not really a second edition of the first book.  This is because of copyright requirements.  I believe it will be sold on Amazon through their self-publishing service – it will not be offered through Elsevier.  The final details of the publishing will not be final until the book is released.


  1. Book piracy is probably rampant and there are enough people desiring free stuff to make it worth setting up bogus download pages to snag useful and profitable information.
  2. It seems like my book might be a bit more popular than the folks at Elsevier think.  I wonder how many people gave up their credit card number to maybe get a free copy?
  3. If you are committed to getting the book for free, or any book for that matter, please stay away from any site that wants you to register.  While I am not going to openly condone piracy here, I am going to say that there are straight-up piracy sites where the material is offered for free and there are those sites that are fronted by a criminal organization.  Let’s not help the criminals out, OK?


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