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Moving day is coming

April 11, 2012

InfinaDyne has moved its office several times in the past and it is going to happen again. For a lot of seemingly unimportant reasons we are moving from Chandler, AZ to LeClaire, IA on May 4th.

Moving is distruptive and expensive. There is no getting away from that. Just like a house move, moving the office involves putting everything – and I do mean everything – into boxes. Then one day all the boxes go on to a truck and you just hope everything fits.

Moving is also sometimes an opportunity. We are switching a number of providers and changing the way the phone system works. The link to the Internet will be faster in the new location, but only on the download side of things. All in all, it is expected to be a few days of mass confusion and panic. If you happen to call during the first week after our move, we will try to take care of you as best we can and hide the fact that nobody knows where anything is yet.

The good news is that software companies are generally pretty portable. Nearly all of our customers communicate with us via fax, email and telephone. We do not get a lot of visitors. This means that we can pretty much be in any part of the world and nobody notices – except the employees that may need to work some odd times. We will be moving from Arizona time (Mountain Standard Time year round – no DST here) to Central Time with all of the attendant joys of changing the clocks twice a year. But it means we will be one hour away from Eastern Time rather than three hours in the summer.

As a result of the move the main phone number will be (563) 748-7650. The new fax number is (563) 552-7453. The toll-free number will still be (888) 759-0600. I do not expect any disruption in email service during the move.

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